Slow and Ultimately Reverse
Age Related Functional Decline
for More Healthy Years

Changes in our bodies that cause aging result in multiple forms of decline and disease.   We target the mechanisms of aging to reduce and delay this decline, rather than treating individual diseases as they occur.

Cancer, diabetes, heart conditions, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, stroke, macular degeneration, glaucoma – even depression and many others are mostly diseases of aging.

Said another way: When getting old we want to keep people from getting sick, decrepit and feeble, feeling miserable, losing strength, appearance and enjoyment of living, being in pain, possibly bedridden, bankrupt from paying all their money to doctors and hospitals, and dependent on others.

Aging results in a tremendous emotional – and financial – cost to loved ones and all of society.

We’d rather our entire lives be spent in vigor and joy. And if we can live longer and continue contributing to building a better world, that would be great too.

Our mission is to create solutions: therapies and other innovations to slow and ultimately reverse aging to reduce age related functional decline, and increase healthy years of life.

The foundation facilitates research and development of new biomedical technologies to slow, repair and control the aging processes.  We also provide education on how to stay healthy while new technologies are being developed, and facilitate communica- tion among researchers, solutions creators and others throughout the world.

Why supporting this is important to you:
You’ll have the potential to live a lot longer — and in great health
You’ll have access to inside information. I’ll be in frequent communication with the latest developments
You’ll be among the first to take advantage of new medical aging intervention technologies as they are created
And you will benefit humanity


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